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what3words Integration with CQNet

what3words Integration with CQNet

Gareth Beverley
what3words Integration with CQNet

what3words saves time and increases visibility and accuracy in drone operations! 

Consortiq teamed up with what3words in late 2018 to explore the possibility of adding what3words to their CQNet drone operations management platform. The view would be to enable users of CQNet to use a more precise location when planning their drone operations. Thus Increasing their accuracy and visibility, along with saving time and making it easier for them to share details with their clients. 

Recently what3words was successfully integrated with CQNet. Now when you plan a mission through CQNet your location can be displayed in multiple ways, including what3words. 

CQNet allows you to see drone operations in real time and provides a plethora of information for any drone operations team or line managers. A one stop shop for all your assets tracking needs, including: Aircraft, Batteries and Payloads. 

If you are the Risk Manager of a drone as a service company or the client, you can see precisely the location of the flight using the what3words integration. This is why Consortiq worked with what3words. The address system gives operators a simple way to say exactly where their flight will happen.

what3words has divided the globe into 3m x 3m squares and given each one a unique 3 word address. ///kite.chats.dine, for example, will take you to a precise spot in a field next to the River Ouse in York. People can find their current 3 word address on the free what3words app for iOS and Android, which works offline and is ideal for use in areas with unreliable data connection, or on the online map. The 3 word address format is consistent everywhere in the world and available in over 35 languages.

The system has been used successfully merged within CQNet since April this year, it gives UAS Operators that additional layer when planning and mitigating the risk of their flight. 

Gareth Beverley, from Consortiq, the only drone integration company to use what3words in its drone operations fleet management platform said: 

“…Having this type of technology available to use within CQNet has changed how our clients can interact with their clients and share EXACTLY where they will be conducting their flight. It also means that they can share granular detail with their operations team, not just for the UK but globally, just like CQNet.”

Here’s a short how-to video:

Using CQNet:

CQNet is Consortiq’s software platform designed to enable organizations to scale up their drone operations whilst maintaining safety standards and situational awareness of their fleet and operations.

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How do I get access to CQNet with what3words?

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