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Drone Flight Essentials

By signing up this course, you commit to learning from the best. Our instructors leverage their years of commercial, public safety, and defense-sector UAS experience to teach students all the theoretical and practical knowledge of operating a drone safely and effectively. All of Consortiq's courses are market-leading, preparing graduates to excel as commercial drone operators. 

This is a 3-day classroom based course where you will work with and learn from some of the industry's best operators.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand basic flight principles as they pertain to common drone operations
  • Gain competency in executing basic maneuvers in GPS and non-GPS mode
  • Prevent and respond to emergencies
  • Operate drones under FAA Part 107 regulations in US airspace
  • Understand the principles of flight planning, risk management, and safe drone operations


This course is designed for students who have already passed the Remote Pilot Knowledge/FAA Part 107 test, but want to strengthen their practical flying skills. Completing two hours of flying prior to participating in the course is recommended but not required. 

Required Material

  • Laptop, iPad, or another device with internet browsing capabilities
  • Drone with a minimum of 2 batteries and charging equipment. We recommend having 3 batteries, just in case.
  • For reference: sUAS Operations Essentials textbook (digital and hard copies provided at no additional cost prior to the course)


Consortiq schedules courses routinely in Charlotte, North Carolina and Annapolis, Maryland. We also travel to your location for enterprise clients with groups of three or more. At our standard locations, we require a minimum enrollment of three students to run a course. 

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Drone Flight Essentials certificate of completion from Consortiq.

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“I recently attended a Drone Flight Essentials course with Consortiq, the course included about 4 hours as Remote Pilot In Command and 4 hours as a Visual Observer. Lots of ATTI (Attitude mode) practice which gave me confidence to fly without GPS. I also learned to use Sport Mode to help with high winds at aloft. All good exercises which I will use to practice on my own. For example, precision flying over cones, flying circles, smooth descent from 140 feet. Plus emergency drills, like disconnecting the tablet and getting the drone back. All the things that are better to learn in a controlled environment with a very experienced pilot.”
Tulinda Larsen, Owner and CEO

Find out more and request an accurate quote here or contact 

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