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Organizations are beginning to adopt UAS technology, whether that be through hiring in equipment, skill sets and personnel, or through developing capability in-house. This is where the Consortiq fits in.

Consortiq’s is well established within the industry and is increasingly being recognized as one of few companies at forefront for providing a complete UAS orientated ecosystem of products and services.

Our ecosystems enable you to build a team of trained personnel, equip your staff with the correct and latest hardware on the market and access ongoing support via our own in-house UAS operations software

If you’re looking to lease or purchase a drone fleet (as known as a Swarm) for your business, we offer expert consultancy you can trust. We’ll help you to identify the right type of drone for your organization’s needs and manage the process from procurement to ongoing maintenance contracts. 

Consortiq has a combined experience over 50 years in the UAS industry, saving you the pain and effort of implementing a team from scratch.

If you’d like to talk to a member of our specialist drone team about your hardware or support needs, get in touch.

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