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UAS & Drone Professionals

Our dedicated drone consultancy team includes commercial, safety, legal and technical expertise to ensure drones are deployed safely. Consortiq aviation professionals are also experienced in both the manned and remote aviation world with a team consisting of former military and civilian, rotary and fixed wing, manned and remote pilots and former air traffic controllers.

We work with some of the world’s biggest companies and aviation authorities to ensure that the technology is deployed in a controlled and secure way. To do this, we have built a team of experts that understand not only the technology, but also the application of that technology within specific industries and the different challenges each operating environment presents.

Whether you are looking to deploy UAS for filming, surveillance, surveying or transportation, Consortiq can provide you with the insights and expertise to maximize the value to your organization. 

How We Work

Once we have undertaken an initial audit of any existing UAS operations and understood your high-level strategy, we will build a business case for the safe deployment of UAS on your behalf.

However, our service doesn’t end there. By working with Consortiq, you will have access our market-leading integrated drone ecosystem that includes drone software, safety management systems, hardware procurement and support, training and support services (such as insurance). Find out more.

Before jumping to a complete solution, we always advise our clients to undertake a UAS audit to assess both the commercial viability and important security considerations. Our tailored UAS consultancy package follows aviation best practice techniques that include:

  • Diagnosis of your existing infrastructure and operating systems.
  • Analysis of the risks.
  • Presentation of a detailed set of recommendations.

This audit allows our clients to validate any assumptions about the commercial viability of unmanned technology before committing further investment.

We guarantee you’ll have complete confidence in our recommendations and subsequent roll out plan.

For more information, call us on +44 (0)208 0450 322 or email Alternatively, if you would prefer for one of the Consortiq team to get in touch, please complete the inquiry form above.

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