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Drones are revolutionizing aerial data capture.

First responders, construction companies, and the media are capturing aerial video faster, safer and cheaper than the alternatives. This data is helping organizations make decisions quickly and helping to deliver projects on time and on budget.

Typically those images and video had been captured by alternative means such as helicopters, elevating platforms or scaffolding at great potential human risk. In some cases, data that has never been captured before is now accessible immediately and without putting employees in harms way. However, the regulatory environment can look like a minefield for those not from a traditional aviation background. Tests, Drone License, Insurance, Drone Laws Regulations, FAA Part 107, Drone Registration; where do you start? And the FAA Part 107 regulations are evolving as more is learned about drone deployment.

We understand that organizations just want to use the drone to capture the data, the video, or the images as simply as possibly. And our clients' clients want to ensure they are using reputable companies who take safety seriously. Nobody wants to be featured in the news for causing an incident. The only successful flight is a safe flight; not to mention the legal liabilities at risk if a pilot errs. Less costly than crashing a drone or risking a privacy infringement is qualifying the skills through professional training and assessments and assuring safeguards with tested fleet management software.

We're professional aviators, and we've trained over a thousand pilots from small to large organizations internationally; enabling them to quickly and efficiently integrate drones. Consortiq is on the development team which will define training standard for AUVSI Top Operator Program (TOP) and our training program won the AUVSI XCELLENCE Award 2018. Our Part 107 courses include online learning, in-person classroom sessions, and outdoor scenario-specific advanced flight maneuver training. More importantly, we stay with you after training with our award winning drone logbook and mission management software. Our aim is to help organizations to put drones in the skies safely.

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Drone Courses

If you’re interested in obtaining a "drone license" and flying drones commercially, Consortiq offers FAA Part 107 drone training for Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) and our own Unmanned Aircraft Qualification (UAQ). Our Part 107 Online study Guide will get you through the FAA Part 107 test and the Drone Flight Essentials is proof of drone flight maneuver capability excellence. 

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Debunking The Myths About Drones

Our latest insight report explores why drone technology represents an achievable competitive edge for modern business - and is no longer just for blue-sky thinkers. Find out more about how market-leading organizations are embracing unmanned technology by getting to the bottom of common misconceptions around risk, cost and regulatory barriers. 

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CQNet is the easiest, most efficient way to manage your UAS operations, all in the palm of your hand. Start tracking your UAV flight operations more safely and efficiently, demonstrate risk management, and assure compliance.

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“I recently attended a Drone Flight Essentials course with Consortiq, the course included about 4 hours as Remote Pilot In Command and 4 hours as a Visual Observer. Lots of ATTI (Attitude mode) practice which gave me confidence to fly without GPS. I also learned to use Sport Mode to help with high winds at aloft. All good exercises which I will use to practice on my own. For example, precision flying over cones, flying circles, smooth descent from 140 feet. Plus emergency drills, like disconnecting the tablet and getting the drone back. All the things that are better to learn in a controlled environment with a very experienced pilot.”
Tulinda Larsen, Owner and CEO
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